Reciting the Tashahhudin a Three-Rak`ahor a Four-Rak`ah Prayer

A prayer that consists of three Rak`ahs such as Maghrib Prayer, or four Rak`ahs such as Zuhr, `Asr, and `Isha’ Prayers, has two Tashahhuds – first and last.

a. After raising your head from the second prostration of the second Rak`ah, sit and recite the first Tashahhud (testification without Al-Salat-ul-Ibrahimiyyah). 


b.  Then Rak`ah, with your hands raised to shoulder (or earlobe) level, while saying, “Allahu Akbar.”

 5. Perform the third and fourth Rak`ahs in the same manner as the previous two Rak`ahs, but recite Al-Fatihah alone without additional chapters or verses.

6. After raising your head from the last prostration of the third Rak`ah in Maghrib Prayer or the fourth Rak`ah in Zuhr, `Asr, and `Isha’ Prayers, sit in the Tawarruk posture* (placing the left foot under the right leg and sitting on the posterior with the right foot held upright and the toes pointing towards the Qiblah) and recite the last Tashahhud (testification along with Al-Salat-ul-Ibrahimiyyah), and then ask Allah for whatever you want.


*If assuming the Iftirash or Tawarruk posture is difficult for you due to knee pain, or you cannot get accustomed to it, or for other reasons, sit in a posture that is comfortable for you. These postures are acts of Sunnah and are not an obligatory part of Salah.


7. Conclude the prayer by turning your face to the right and then to the left, each time saying: