Essential conditions for validity of Salah

1- Arrival of prayer time: Being certain that the time of prayer has begun. Prayer before its due time is invalid.

2. Purity: Cleanliness of body, clothes, and place intended for prayer.

3. Ablution (for minor ritual impurity): Washing specific body parts with pure water in a certain manner with the intention of purification for prayer.

4. Clothing requirement: Men wearing clothing that, at the minimum, covers their body from the naval to the knees. Women wearing clothing that covers their entire body, except the face and hands.

5. Facing towards the Qiblah: Turning the whole body, before starting to pray, towards the Qiblah, which is the direction of the Sacred Ka`bah in Mecca.

6. Intention: Making the intention to offer prayer for the sake of drawing close to Almighty Allah. The place of intention is the heart; there is no need to verbally state it.